The Company

XTEC is the cumulation of several lifetimes of experience designing, producing, promoting, marketing, creating work-flow systems and supplying graphics, printintg, promotional materials, signs, digital signs, computer systems, software and other technology to a variety of businesses, including Real Estate and Mortgage Companies, retail specialty stores, wholesale businesses, consultants, accountants, attorneys, hospitality, lodging and automotive businesses.

We used to think Old meant unable , out-of-date, out-of-touch, or has been. We got old and realized we still knew everything we learned over the last 50 or 70 years (dang) - but we were keeping up with changing technology and new materials and methods. When you combine the experience of old guys (including (we never say old here) women - they seem to be smarter than men at most any age) with evolving technology you have an organization that can provide cutting edge ideas, products and services to their clients - without repeating mistakes previously made.

We are the designers, the graphic artists, the programmers and sign makers. We know what it takes to survive and prosper in business. We are company that can deliver the technology based solution for all of your marketing and business needs. We love the odd and the custom. We create solutions.

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